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Ghetto Girl - Dodged a Bullet!

Man….just when i think I had thought I had my quota of glue and gas sniffin crazies, I get a request that I’m thinking I’m being punked this year….really. The following is not a guest.  This ALMOST WAS A GUEST!  I’m just going to cut and paste the conversation and you tell me… it my deoderant?  Am I reading to much into this?

Message from TAMI….

I need the rental for no more than $100 per WEEK or $20 per night; beginning TODAY. Hopefully for no more than two weeks. I have my own apartment where I pay rent every month. My baby (my precious cat whom is cleaner and smarter than most humans) and I do not have any heat nor electricity (my apartment is cold and dark) due to an illegal lockout (the landlord in retaliation to us reporting his building code violations called ComEd and put an illegal passcode on the entire building two days after the Department of Buildings initial court Hearing against him, knowing that each individual apartment has their own meter’s and ComEd account’s. My gas bill is on and active; but because the apartment building heating furnaces and oven’s/stove’s both need gas AND electricity to work, the only thing running in the apartment right now is my hot water). Until I can get the illegal action rectified; we (my cat & I) need a clean, safe, peaceful, building code violation-free, well-heated, friendly place to rent. Also; I have frozen (perishable) foods that need to hurry and get in your freezer & fridge. I cook organic superfoods, and am happy to share my delicious cooking. 
I am neat, clean, organized, career-centered, quiet, professional, an introvert, kind, caring.
Thank you. I look forward to your prompt and helpful reply today so I can go grab my cat out of the cold dark apartment, a suitcase, & food, and bus it to your place today. 

Reply from Nonya

Hi there, 
Unfortunately I do not accept Chicagoans or animals. Even if I entertained the thought of making an exception in this case, my cat hates other animals. Very territorial. My cat does not have access in any part of the furnished areas including the main floor, upper or even part of the finished basement. He is completely restricted to the ‘dugeon’ area. The last time a cat came into the house by mistake, he almost was out of control. That being said, I do have someone in bronzeville who may be able to help you. He rents his air mattresses out. I just have to check to see if he’s going to be in town for the week. Even if it is possible, you would have to book ‘one night’ thru wimdu for you to contact me so that i can give you his information.

Message from Tami:

Hi, Nonya. 

How are you? 

I’m offended sweety; that you are implying that my cat is out of control when I stated that she is cleaner and smarter than most humans; literally. And a pure classy princess. 

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. Whatever you tried to type did not come through. You’ll have to another way. 

I would never confine my Blessed to a secluded area. Shame on you girl. lol. I assume that you do it because some guests are allergic though. My cat is territorial too. Most cats are. 

As stated in my msg to you, I am paying for a bedroom; meaning with a bed IN it. Not an air mattress.And $20-$25 per night is more than enough i this situation. If your contact has a bedroom for rent, then you can send me his info.   Otherwise; you will have to give me a full refund if you want me to click to book a night with you in order for you to send his info another way. 

Message from Nonya:

No my cat is out of control when it comes to other cats. I don’t accept pets. And yes, some guests do have allergic reactions. If it wasn’t for the cold, he would be outside. 

The other place only has an air mattress. I was trying to see if there was someone with a bed. I wish i could help you but its the cat.  If you don’t find anything on this site,

If you want to try for one night here, you can. Just remember, your ‘precious’ is going into the dungeon with my cat. Its up to you. There are no private bedrooms in this house however, there is a full size bed in a shared room (with privacy screen) available.. If you would like to take a chance, let me know.

Message from TAMI

Before I click ‘book it’ on this listing “Daybed $15 per night w/FREE Shuttle and Museum Pas” let me just kindly confirm: 

1. EXACTLY how many blocks are you from a bus that goes downtown 24/7? 
2. And from a train that goes downtown 24/7? 
3. The room with full size bed with a privacy screen sounds acceptable. Thank you so much. 
4. I hate to ask, but the house is (and the bedroom) well heated, correct? 
5. How many nights am I clicking to ‘book’ for? Since it’s late now today, I’d rather begin with two and then book more consecutive nights before Monday morning; if I like the situation at your place and all. You seem nice so far, so it should be fine. 
6. And is the ‘cat dungeon’ well heated? I hate to put Blessed through being uncomfortable, defensive, growling, and unsafe, so I have been on the website and phone with home depot for an hour and am going to go ahead and buy her this propane heater for my apartment so that I can go check on her daily and ensure she’s warm, fresh water, food (she has an auto-dispensable food and water dish), clean litter. I hate to leave her at all, I truly do!!!!!!!!!!! But I’ll pray that the heater pilate does not go out as I’ve read on some of the customer reviews just now. So, she should be fine. Let me find out where to buy the propane liquid, pick both items up, take them to the house, and by time I’m done and grab some clothes and food I’ll be ready to head to your place. I’ve been up since Thursday morning. Literally.

Message from Nonya:  (Now at this point, I’m thinking really?  I thought you are in a desparate situation and you need to get out of your apartment!  Whats with the 1000 questions!).  But i oblige her further….like an idiot.

1) im on racine. the train is on halsted (the kennedy king college). im a block and 1/2 from the bus that can take you to the train. the info is in the ad to. thats the green line….the red line is further down. 2) all trains go downtown 3) 4) its heated and i don’t go past 70 degrees. the bunk beds get hot at the top so thats why i keep it at 70-72 at night but in the day down about 68 since most guests are out of the house. 5) one night you are booking just to see if the cats get along. I don’t do refunds. So if it doesnt work out, then i will give you the one night back. this time. any additional, you can pay after. 6) dungeon not well heated. they got fur. its not outside weather but its not human heat either. And its full of stuff down there since its under construction. any dishes or water or stuff…you will have to bring and provide for him. the cat would be on you. i barely cleanup after my own. not a pet person.

Message from Tami:

Thank you. So yes, I will take the full size bed with room divider screen. 

2. If I’m cold during my first day there, I will not book any additional dates. If I’m warm and comfortable I will book addition consecutive dates before or on Monday. 

4. Re: my baby/my cat Blessed; as I stated earlier…..I hate to put Blessed through being uncomfortable (in a dungeon of junk & with your evil abandoned cat LOL), and have my baby being defensive, on guard, growling, and unsafe - so I have been on the website and phone with home depot for an hour went ahead since I last emailed you and bought her this propane heater for my apartment so that she’ll be warm, and I can go check on her daily and ensure she remains warm, fresh water, food (she has an auto-dispensable food and auto-dispensible water dish), and make sure she always has clean litter. So, she should be fine. I’ve been keeping tall glass candles burning for her everyday. 

3. I meant what time does the green line run until (I read your ad much prior to contacting you). Does it or does the bus there run 27/7? 

(Note:  At this point, its about 10 p.m when i read the above message.  I was just waiting for her to press the ‘book it’ and go ahead with the reservation.  2 a.m. I get the following message but by now, I’m not about to accept anything at this time of night!)

Thank you, Nonya. I can now click ‘book it’. Now that its late and I still have to transport the items I have now and this propane tank/heater to my apartment, pack, and then travel to you; I will see how late it is by the time I am done (as to whether or not its better for me to start my stay on Sunday/12-8-13 instead). 

I am glad you imagined yourself in my crisis situation and therefore decided to help in some way. Just treat me as you do all of your other guests/renters. 

God is working everything out in my favor.

Message from Nonya:  (Note:  Sunday morning, I’m laying in my bed and I get an epiphany.  Something aint just right and she still hadn’t put in the ‘book it’ request yet.  So I sent another email)

Question….i re-read the first message you sent. You said that you are looking for a “building code violation-free”. What do you mean by that? my house is a 100 years old and i have at least 8-10 guests in the house at any given time….and on some weekends up to 15-20 with 2 bathrooms, narrow staircase, etc. This house is under renovation constantly and the last thing that i need is someone is ‘code’ conscience at this time. I have had 2 building inspectors come to my place uninvited and had problems with police (because of white guests being in this area). I hate to say this really but I will have to turn your request down. Until I have this place fully renovated, and being as conscious as you are, which is really good, I can’t take any chances. There is another service that you can find more options in your price range on another service, if you can’t find any on wimdu. it looks exactly like this service. Sorry

NOTE: I’ve passed her information on to Jamaica.  He’s a previous guest that i helped set up as a host.  He was on the Wimdu site but hadn’t logged into his account since he opened.  No messages were going to his phone so he didn’t realize that he had only one message in the account 25 days ago.  So he gave me the password and his log in to respond to Tami’s request in case she should book.  To my surprise, I see the only unanswered message in his account.  And who is it from, 25 days ago?  TAMI!

Message from Tami 25 days ago:

I have my own apartment, just moved in. I just need a room to rent for five nights while I get the electricity in my apartment connected. Right now there’s only hot water (due to the oven, and heater furnace being electric). Therefore it is cold and dark in my apartment right now. <hidden entry>. As long as your apartment and the room is clean, very WARM, rodent free, safe, friendly - then I would like to start there today. 
I’m neat, clean, organized, an introvert, caring, kind, thoughtful, genuine. 

2. Please confirm that I will have entry access at any time of day and late night. 
3. Exactly how many blocks is this apartment from the nearest bus(s) that go downtown that run 24/7? 
4. Please confirm that I will have full use of the kitchen (cooking, refrigerator/freezer) 

Thank you. ;-) 

Message from Jamaica (who is now me answering on his behalf.  I’m answering the old message so as to come off innocent)

i didn’t see this email until now. 
there is a 24 hour key code from the back entry. I am about a block away from king drive. the king drive bus will take you downtown in 25 minutes. The 47th green line train stop is also nearby. you will have full use of the kitchen too.

Message from Tami


Thanks for reaching out, but I scrolled down just now under your msg and see something disturbing. Why are you just now replying from over twenty five days ago? Why’d it take Nonya reaching out to you (on her own merit, not mine) for you to reply to my emergency crisis situation a month later? This is quite rude and disrespectful of you, Orane. 

I did not know she would reach out to you (I surely did not know who she was referring to when she said last night that she “knows somebody on this site whom has a daybed in a private bedroom for me and my cat”). 

(NOTE:  THE AUDICITY OF THIS GIRL calling HIM rude when WE JUST saw the message  but even AFTER that, she doesn’t wait for my reply, she sends another message.  I was away when she sent the first message to her and didn’t get him in time to respond.  An hour later, the following messages came flowing thru!!!!!)


Here is my current situation/request: 


I need the rental for no more than $100 per WEEK or $20 per night; beginning TODAY. Hopefully for no more than two weeks. I have my own apartment where I pay rent every month. My baby (my precious cat whom is cleaner and smarter than most humans) and I do not have any heat nor electricity (my apartment is cold and dark) due to an illegal lockout (the landlord in retaliation to us reporting his building code violations called ComEd and put an illegal passcode on the entire building two days after the Department of Buildings initial court Hearing against him, knowing that each individual apartment has their own meter’s and ComEd account’s. 

To do the $100 per week or $20 per night for ME; you can just change your price on here and notify me once you do, so that I can click ‘book it’. Then you can change it right back to the price you have listed now. That simple.;) 

My gas bill is on and active; but because the apartment building heating furnaces and oven’s/stove’s both need gas AND electricity to work, the only thing running in the apartment right now is my hot water). Until I can get the illegal action rectified; we (my cat & I) need a clean, safe, peaceful, building code violation-free, well-heated, friendly place to rent. 

Also; I have frozen (perishable) foods that need to hurry and get in your freezer & fridge. I cook organic superfoods, and am happy to share my delicious cooking. 

I am neat, clean, organized, career-centered, quiet, busy, sweet, huge hearted loving, professional, an introvert, kind, caring. 

Thank you. I look forward to your prompt and helpful reply today so I can go grab my cat out of the cold dark apartment, a suitcase, & food, and bus it to your place today. 



If you will indeed do $15 per night for two weeks in a private bedroom for me and my baby (my precious cat) then I can click ‘book it’ now<hidden entry> If the bedroom is not available and only the day bed in the living room is; as long as the apartment as a whole (bedroom every room) is well heated; I can still bring her and we’ll sleep in the living room for those three nights I click ‘book it’ for. 

A few questions: 
1. How many bedrooms is in the apartment total? 
2. Does the train by you run 24/7 to/from downtown? And how many blocks from you is it?
3. Does the bus by you run 24/7 to/from downtown? 

Please hurry, as it is getting later and later right now, and its snowing, and I need to pack in a cold dark apartment and get over there to you (I do not have a car, and I couldn’t book the rental car this week). 

Thank you. 

Message from JAMICA/ME: 
 (NOTE:  I call Jamaica and tell him, this heffa crazy.  I’m going to turn this request down on your behalf.  He said please do.  I saw her messages and I don’t like confrontation.  And he don’t.  He’s sooooooooo laid back and a med student.   So I reply:)

ok. i don’t think this is going to work out. already im feeling stressed from your questions. 

i told you that i just saw your email. im new to all of this. It was nonya that helped me. i was one of her guest when i moved in town. i am listed with other website. when i get a notification, it goes to my phone. only wimdu notices were not going to my phone. im not on the internet all day since i am a med student. if it wasn’t for nonya i would have never checked this site since i never had any request from it aside from yours. 

i told nonya that you can’t stay.

Message from Tami:

Yes, it IS disturbing that you waited a month to reply to a crisis, and that it took somebody else reaching out to you for you to reply. 

Now after you did so; you now say you don’t want to do the rental because you’re upset that I pointed out those facts and you say these normal questions stress you out: 
"A few questions: 
1. How many bedrooms is in the apartment total? 
2. Does the train by you run 24/7 to/from downtown? And how many blocks from you is it?
3. Does the bus by you run 24/7 to/from downtown?” 

I will not entertain any further msgs from you (I will not open nor read anything you send). 

Seek Jesus.

Message from Jamaica/Me:

It wasn’t your questions about the apartment that i had a problem with although I don’t see what difference it make how many bedrooms i have in my apartment and the fact that you can’t find a private room for $15.  I was doing that as a favor to nonya and that was only temporary as long as nobody booked.  i have a problem that you would call me names because i didn’t see your email earlier.  I told you i never got your message.  Something is wrong with you.  So i cannot help you.  May Jesus keep you warm.

Message from TAMI

(NOTE:  She never replied to Jamaica after that.  But she did send me, NONYA, another request to accept her.)

I got your msgs just now. My main concern is not leaving my baby alone, she needs to come with and be with me in warmth and lights. So last night I started having second thoughts about your stay because she cannot be in no dungeon. At all. Especially, as I said since you have your abondoned cat in it. Not at all. And the propane heater I discovered while picking it up at Home Depot will unfortunately not be feasible (it burns for only eight hours then have to buy yet another and another and another twenty gallon propane tank and it says do not use in enclosed places without ventilation (so I’d also have to open a window for her. So the bottom line with that is……….not feasible and will have to book your place only on two night to three night increments (so that I can check on her in the cold and dark still, with the blankets I lay down for her). Girlpleeez, I have seen your ad’s on different sites including this one and read your ad posting as I said; this is your career, your income, your full time job it seems. Of course by reading it its apparent that people/guests come and and out constantly. If that bothered me I would not have finally contacted you. My concern is roaches. If you don’t have roaches, then this booking is fine. As I said if I am cold (not warm) my first day there then I will simply not book any additional day(s). Why would you think or even imply that I’d report you to the DOB? So, again, if the bus and/or train at your place is 24 hours or at least owl (let me know their stop times if any). And I can book day one on here.

Message from NOnya:

I’m sorry I can’t help you.  For the fact that you called the DOB on your own landlord leaves no choice to say no.


Ghetto Girl - Did Bambi Just Try to Bite Me?

Remember Bambi (Che McKintosh) who was featured on two previous blogs and on the skank alert?  Well she finally wrote a review on Airbnb.   I think this is her way of taking a bite at me.  I didn’t know if it was ‘cute’ that she could actually come at me with her lies, like that one of those yapping chihuahua dog or just plain ‘annoying’, like one of those yapping chihuahua dog that you just kick to the curb! 

CHE writes:  (the bold are my thoughts)

"I’ve been holding back from writing a review on my stay while at Nonyas, but after the slanderous paragraph of nonsensical lies (Nonsensical? is that a word?)  and exaggerations Nonya decided to write about me, I feel it necessary to address the strange situation I found myself in while staying at her house. Upon my first day I was alerted by other guests of Nonyas multiple personality disorder. (that part she got right).   Nonya, who also goes by Annie, Sybil and a couple other psychotic sub personalities is quite obviously seriously mentally ill, and suffers from an admitted substance abuse problem. (So i’m taking drugs now?  No girlie, i’m just allergic to thieves and dumb bunnies).   I should have left after my first night there when multiple gun shots were heard by me and a few other guests just blocks away. (So whats up with that?  Why do angry guests always resort to saying they heard these ‘make believe gun shots upon review but fail to mention these things when they are here?  I feel I should actually provide a real gun shot so that they won’t feel the need to lie).  

"She should not be allowed to house anyone under any circumstance. But the real one to watch out for is her long term guest, Amber.  (Now why did she have to pick on the one girl who helped her and she screwed her over in return).   These people are con artists, they will take you for everything they can. (Really?  Everybody knows you can’t steal from a broke fool with no job and no money.  Hair weave is not a commodity to steal.  If anything the other guests added to her funds since obviously she didn’t make any money from pole dancing).  They are calculating and manipulative and chose their victims very wisely. I understand why they targeted me. (I heard folks say, ‘why me?’ when tragic things happen.  My only question would be ‘why you?’  Everybody knew she was homeless.  Like a stray pet, they fed her, gave her money and even a job, even at my disapproval since I know what a snake looks like up close and personal).   

"As someone who generally doesn’t care to please people, (Obviously.  Finally the truth.)  can be outspoken and doesn’t take crap, (or have crap) I was an easy target as far as making it seem as though any issues I was having during my stay were because of my attitude.  (No it was because you were rubbing your nickle size breasteses like match sticks flicking for a fire spark, only to find out its a dud!  This ain’t the Make-A-Wish Foundation).   Not the case. These low level crooks didn’t have me fooled for long at all, but long enough to rip me off around 300$ and some very personal possessions.  (She must mean Monopoly money.  She didn’t have 300 pennies to piss on when she arrived.  She still owe me $13 fort the last night).  Nonya, after the fact acted as though obviously, something about me brought out the nastier of her personalities. (Yeah! Your pennie boobs and stealing!).  As though obviously she felt disrespected by me, I wish she would have voiced her concerns to me while I was staying there when I could of done something to change them versus telling me in a series of super aggressive and insulting emails after the fact.  (I’m sorry, I didn’t think i was dealing with CHILDREN to say put some dang clothes on and STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF IN FRONT OF PEOPLE)!  All personal differences aside, during my stay with Nonya, I approached her several times in regards to issues I was having in the house, such as my food disappearing, (wait, is that the same 2 bags of groceries she left behind….now its disappearing?) to which she responded “my guests don’t eat rabbit food” - I’m a vegetarian, another guest even took it upon himself to lend me 20$ to get around after 150$ was stolen out of my bag, and after I had foolishly lent a long term guest 75$ (Which of course I never received back) also something I mentioned to Nonya to which she responded “none of my guests steal”.  (Well this is a first.  I’m just reading about the $150 and the $75.  When did this happen? In Neverland?  Being that she came in borrowing $20 from 5 guests in 2 days!   I guess thats when it was stolen…after she took it so she didn’t have to pay it back.  Cry ‘thief thief’!)   Nonya will pass judgments on you the second you walk in the door and from then that dictates the way your stay with her will go.  (This is true.  Its easy when you head is shaved on the side with this long weave mohawk down the middle and titties are popping on the side.  Don’t take an Einstein to size that one up!)   She runs a crazy boarding house/hostel I am glad to say I only had to stay at for a few days. (Sure. I will take that….Crazy fun.  I guess thats why you cried the day i told you had to go and asked to stay at least another 3 days.)  I am upset because before I left she stole a coat from me that has a lot of sentimental value, under the guise that I owe one of her guests 20$. A 20$ debt that I have never refused to pay. In fact, I have up until now gone…  (Sure.  You had a month to get the coat back that you left next to your g string.  And yes, now its being held hostage by another guest until you pay him back the $20.  But now, i think i will hold it hostage until you pay the other guest back the $400 you stole.  Actually, it doesn’t matter because you can save enough singles from the pole dancing, you may just have enough to buy it back at the Thrift Store on the 1/2 price Monday special.  I’m sure you can get it for $2.)

My reply:

Interesting how you just now heard a gun shot that you never once mentioned during the 4 day stay here and yet she tried to extend her stay! The only truth in your statement is that you did see another side of me. Its very rare when you have a guest that can push you to an edge within a short period of time. 

In reading her review, its funny that she even mentions that she usually “doesn’t care to please people, can be outspoken and doesn’t take crap”… because thats pretty much how it was with her stay. She stole money, exposed and carrassed herself openly in front of my guests, managed to take their money. She definately have no self regard for herself or anybody. This 6 foot amazon should be happy she didn’t see my foot in her back! 

Che is obviously mad because i had to kick her out. She even tried to pour on the water works on her last day. Che was completely disrespectful from the day she arrived. I can’t even say she wore a shirt. She wore a t-shirt that had absolute no sides to them and you could clearly see that her breasts were coming out. I had to turn the heat down so she would keep her coat on. I understood later, from other guests, that she was not a bartendar but a pole dancer among other things. That very night, in front of 4 of my guests (3 males and one girl), she pulled out her breast openly and rubbed them in front of the others, then went on to carrass her crouch saying that she could do what she want with her body. I didn’t learn about this until the next day. 

What made me angry aside from t-shirt, was that from the day of, she managed to borrow money from EACH of the guests that was in the house. This is ususally a red flag. Normally people might borrow from one person, but within time of their stay. Not the SAME DAY and with every guest. One day 2, one of the guests was gracious enough to give her a job for which she made over $400! And with that money, within that hour of receiving her payment, she never once paid the other guests back. The day she received her payment, she had the nerve to ask me to borrow even more money from me. I said no. So ehe even tried to borrow another guest from ireland the his money that he had to pay me for his extended stay. If it wasn’t for me making her cash one of her checks, she would have never paid that one back. In fact, that may have been the only amount she repaid to a guests. She was a complete mess. She claims that her things went missing. I took no interest in this complaint simply because she left stuff EVERYWHERE, literally everywhere. Both bathrooms were completely cluttered with her things. Whenener she finish pruning herself, it would be hours before she pick up her crap! When i informed her about this, she said, ‘i know i have this problem cause i grew up with maids!” Maids that didn’t teach her no manners. 

So if her things were missing, all she had to do is gather her stuff in one spot and i’m sure she would have found it. As for her ‘stolen’ coat, LOL, before she left, she had it in the dryer. I didn’t realize who’s coat it was until she asked about it a couple of days later. Who leaves a coat behind in the winter? She had all day to pack. I had found her another place to stay since it was obvious that she wasn’t trying to go no where. So I made arrangements the night before. She had all day to pack all her things. We didn’t even leave until 9 p.m. She later stated that she left her coat, 2 bags of vegatables (that she claimed were stolen) and some toilet stuff. For 2 weeks, she never came back and kept making excuses. She wanted me to bring to her. Not going to happen. I told her that if she didn’t pick up her belongings, they will be going to goodwill and the food to the garbage. She didn’t come. So one of the guests asked if she didn’t come can he have the coat since she didn’t pay him back his money. I said thats fine. Its been a month. All she simply had to do is bring the money she owe the guy and he will release the coat. If it had sentimental value, she should have came an picked up the coat as soon as she realized it was gone. Not wait a month. 

There are so much more that she actually made my blog as one of my worst guests. For a girl that stayed only 4 nights, she sure did make an impression. The worst ever.

Ghetto Girl - Skank Alert FALLOUT!

Some of you may have saw a message from Amber (kentucky) to me.  She was just sharing the message created by another guest, Handsome Canada to the thief, DEAN CARROL (and Che McKINTOSH)!  

Disclaimer:  The content of the following message, only the cursing parts, does not reflect Nonya.  But the message of what was written by Canada does!

Now, today, we discovered there was some things done that I can’t even say even here that resulted in one of the guest to write the following message.  If you would like to know what happened behind the scenes, feel free to inbox me.  

So Canada wrote the following message to DEAN CARROL (IRELAND!)  the following message:

The reasons why you’re a worthless piece of trash and why the world would be better off with you killing yourself: 

1. So first off this is from Joey, not Amber, I deleted you immediately after she told me who you called. I find if utterly ironic that you call Che “shit” then do the exact same thing….but that’s because you’re garbage….(by the way calling her work and making up shit…classic Dean, everyone here should have seen it coming earlier). 

2. So in regards to Amber, here is this girl who literally paid for allllll of your food, your smokes, for when you went out. Who bent over backwards for you, you straight up steal from her, you actually take money from her purse. And then to make up bullshit and call her work, you’re actually trash. I’ve have never known anyone to abuse a relationship so extensively. She sincerely cared for you, bent over backwards for you and all you did was abuse and abuse and abuse. It’s mind-blowing to think that human beings can sink as low as you can. 

3. In regards to your need to determine people “INTP” or whatever the fuck it is, you’re a dumbass. I’m not a doctor, so if someone came to me with a medical issue, I wouldn’t comment, I would say go see a doctor. You have to no training in psychology, from where I come from one would need an undergraduate degree, a masters, then two years clinical training before they could possibly diagnose someone. You have no idea what you’re talking about and this “INTP” or what have you does not properly describe the personality of a human being, it’s a tad bit more complicated than four fucking letters. Your sub-reddit is a giant fucking circle jerk. And the psychological have come a long way from Jung. 

4. You’re not smart. You think you are, but you’re not. You’re just arrogant as fuck. Overwhelmingly arrogant. 

5. To your friends, to those who had abortions and to those fella’s who sucked the cock of their friends, Dean was all too happy to share the details of this. At first I was going to call you out by name, but on second thought I realized I shouldn’t sink so low, it’s not you who did anything wrong. Just recognize that Dean was happy to share your intimate details with strangers. Your real only mistake was trusting Dean….

6. The amount of bullshit I’m now hearing from Amber that you said about me is incredible, I don’t know if I’m more angry or impressed with how creative you got with your lies, and the amount of lies you said about everyone. You’re beyond lucky that no one actually sat down and talked with each other about the details of what you said….we were all just concerned you were going to steal from us. 

7. In regards with your intention to deal drugs. Now, I don’t know if any of this is indeed true given that you’re a compulsive lying fuck, but nevertheless….To whomever your supplier is, I would take note. <a>Dean Carroll</a>s attempt at being a drug dealer is finding some American on Reddit and meeting up with him in Ireland to sell large quantities, pretty fucking reckless drug dealing if I have ever known it. I just pray that you get arrested for selling marijuana. If there is anyone who is not the biggest fan of Dean and who lives in Ireland I just hope you call the police because all he has talked about for the lasting fucking week was how he was going to deal drugs etc. Now I’m not against people dealing drugs, I’m just against Dean. 

8. Nobody in this house trusts you, nor have they trusted you for days, we were all walking on eggshells in the fear that you would just steal and walk out during the night. 

9. You lived with 10 strangers in Chicago, we all hate you. None of us trust you.
10. Part of me honestly hopes you jump off a cliff, part of me hopes you don’t just so I don’t face any criminal penalties. Just realize this; you talked extensively about all these horrible things you done in life, about all the friendships you have ruined, realize it’s because of you. Understand that if you continue to live the life you live that you will be unhappy, you die sad and alone. I honestly hope you get help, I hope you go see a counselor or something because there is something seriously wrong with you. 

PS We have cereal and milk. 

PSS ALL 10 of us were going to sign this but people were afraid of the potential legal ramifications if you killed yourself, so let me take all the responsibility, it would be my pleasure. 

PSSS Your mother is a bitch for not having an abortion the moment she found out she was pregnant with such a worthless piece of shit. 


Ghetto Girl - A New One Ripped Open….Part 2

Ireland, the Handsome Canadian, and Kentucky, marched slowly upstairs while Flint was on the air mattress still in position.  I’m on the king size bed. Ireland sat on the floor facing the bed, Canada and Kentucky were seated on the sofa.  (For the record, Canada told me to refer to him as the ‘handsome’ Canadian in the Part 2 segment of this report).  Moving on!

Now normally, I try to ease into the conversation with some diplomacy, some polite talk and reasons for this meeting.  But that didn’t happen.  Already I could feel my body ready to jolt, shaking like that of Mt. Helen’s Volcano….eager for the fury of Sybil to blast into the room, spewing toxic fumes and leaving the ashy remnants of his bony skeletin!  NOT YET SYBIL! NOT YET!

"I’m just going to cut to the chase!  WHEN YOU…" ….and so it began…"went to that club, and back to that locker to get your coat, DID YOU TAKE MONEY FROM KENTUCKY’S WALLET!?"

Not the smooth entry I was hoping for….

"No, I didnt", he replied.

"You didn’t?!  You didn’t tell Canada, that Kentucky was going to LOAN YOU $30!?", glaring at him while he form his lips for his next lie!

"No i did not," he replied.

Again, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him while he’s looking toward the floor.  

"SO YOU ARE SAYING, Canada is lying?!  He said that after Flint gave you the key, you went to the locker and Canada SAW YOU with your hands in her wallet taking out money.  He ASKED you, what are you doing for which you said, ‘Kentucky loaned me $30’!  YOU DIDN"T SAY THAT?", for I demanded the truth, in vein.

"What I said was I was bringing Kentucky the money,"  he replied. 

REALLY? I looked towards Canada for affirmation.  At this point Canada directly confronts Ireland, “No, that’s not what you said.  You said to me that Kentucky said you can borrow $30.”  

I then turned my attention back to the liar.

"You misunderstood what i said", he replied to Canada.

"Oh really", I added.  "If there was a misunderstanding, then WHY did you give Kentucky $95 back from the $100 you where holding her wallet, instead of giving her $70 for change? Because what it sound like is that you LIED to Canada about the loan.  Otherwise you would have given Kentucky the $70 in change.  Which is it? I KNOW IF it was me and somebody loaned me money, I would have immediately said ‘hey, here’s your change!  your $70! BUT YOU DIDN’T!  IF IT WASN’T FOR CANADA, you would have STOLE THAT MONEY! Even Flint heard you!"

Again, he denied it.     

After looking at him, he tried to give some half ace response about what happen.   It started to sound like that Charlie Brown Special where Lynol makes that insolent noise when he speaks, “wha wha wha wha wha”.  He kept talking about the steps leading to going to the locker….literally the steps and who was wearing what and what music was playing, steps….well not so much those steps but some unnecessary details as to try to evade the subject.

"STOP! That’s not what we’re talking about nor do i care.  The fact is this, YOU HAD NO BUSINESS, FIRST OF ALL, BEING IN HER WALLET!  If somebody loans you any money, there is no way you should be reaching in ANYBODY’s purse!  You wait for that person to give you the money!  But you didn’t do that!"

So again, he’s saying something that is being blocked by some invisible force.  A force field seem to have been erected to ward off BULL LARKY!

"THE FOOD!", I yell out, with a bit of hysterical laughter and moving on to the next subject without any consideration for anything he may have eluded to.  It just seem that the ‘BS’ train has just made a full stop into the station.  

"You stole her money from her wallet and you been taking her food!  For two months she’s been feeding you!  It’s one thing that she offers you food occasionally but you took advantage of the situation!  It got to the point that she had to TELL YOU to stop taking food out out of her bin!  That you couldn’t take any more food from her, and yet you did!  I had to have her move her food from her spot to my shelf. WHEN I SENT THAT EMAIL out to everybody about not touching the food on my bottom shelf, that WAS FOR YOU!  I was directing that to you!"  

"I knew you were when i saw it," he replied.  As if that was an accomplishment Sherlock!  Evidently if the shoe fit….

"You know why?  Because you just wouldn’t stop stealing food!!"

"I don’t understand why she couldn’t come to me about that?" he replied.

"REALLY.  She wasn’t clear about you not touching her food?  What part of that did you not understand?!  She is on a budget.  Everybody is on a budget but that didn’t stop you.   How clear do she have to be?  But yet you had money to buy cigarettes!  You smoke like two packs a day!".  

"I only smoke a pack every other day!", he replied as if that was some kind of revelation to help his case!

I had to remember to breathe because at this point, if my eyeballs rolled any further into my head, we were going to have a serious problem.

"Oh my goodness man! That’s $10 every other day that you spend on cigs and you can’t buy food?!  Cigs cost money and you manage to have that probably with stolen money but you don’t have nothing for food?  That’s why I know you are the thief!   My $40 was missing, her $30 was missing and now the $100?!  Too much stuff have gone missing and the common denominator is YOU!  You know who i looked for when things go missing? Unemployed folks!  It was between you and St. Louis!  BUT GUESS WHAT!? St. Louis is hardly even here!  And when he is here, you give him some freakin crayons and he’s good to go.  He come home really late and he’s out very early.  So that means that you’re the only person here!  It’s funny how you who have no job, no money but manage to buy a pack a cigarettes a day.  You smoke like a chimney but you ain’t shopped a day since you been here!"  I yelled.

"I knew about you taking her food a couple of weeks ago.  You know why I didn’t come to you sooner? Because i wanted her to put her foot down (on your ace!)!  It was the same when the Perv was here.  I didn’t kick him out because of what you and Kentucky said!  I kicked him because he started cursing at me!  And this goes for you to (Kentucky)! When you accuse somebody of something, and you go running behind somebody’s skirt because you don’t want to face the person you accuse, then that becomes dangerous!  You can get someone killed over some bulls*** like that! (and i didn’t abbreviate!).  When Perv stood in your face (Ireland) and yelled ‘did i say this, did i say that?,’ and you and Kentucky said nothing!  I pegged you then!  Only Argentina said that he did!  Where i come from, without the view of 2 witnesses your word means nothing to me and i can’t do nothing about it.  You (Ireland) just stood in his face and stared!"

"i said something!", he replied.

"NO YOU DIDN"T!"  (then he agreed).  

Continuing I added, “People die over false accusations.  Perv’s mouth got him in trouble.  Not because of what he said or did from where you heard him.  Nobody spoke up or said nothing.  But he got kicked out because he cussed at me!  You ain’t gonna live in this house and disrespect me to my face!  That’s why his ACE had to go!  Otherwise if he kept his d*** mouth shut, he would have still been here.   Too much money and things have gone missing and you are the common denominator!  How is it you got money for cigarettes!”

"I got it from my Elance." he replied.

"BULL****!  If you had the money you would have bought your own groceries!" i yelled, "If she couldn’t stand up and say no to you, thats on her.  She has to learn to speak up.  But this is why this is going to end now.  You stole her money which was part of my rent!  When you stole from her, you stole from me!  The fact that you were the last person with the key and your hands in her wallet, this is whats going to happen next!"

At this point, my eyes stopped glazing over and the yelling started to calm down.  But i was angry even more just the same.  The end was near and there was nothing left for me to do but bury this one!

I continued, “FROM THIS MOMENT ON, YOU ARE LEAVING ON THE 11TH!  I heard that you were trying to stay a week longer?  You tried to change your flight plans to stay another week?  WELL GUESS WHAT?  THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  You said that you wanted to come back with your friends next summer!  THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF HERE!”  

He looked at Canada at that point because he had told Canada not to tell me that he was planning to extend his stay for another week. He didn’t know it wasn’t Canada that told me his plans.

So after he mumbled under his breath, I remember that Kentucky told me something else disturbing during that night at the club. She said that one of the guys she liked came to her very angry and said that Ireland had ‘got all Sigmond froid’ on him and told him that Kentucky has sleeping with people every week at my house, at least seven people coming to the house to have sex with her and some other lies.  Her friend was livid.

So I asked, “ohhhh  now that everything that i’m telling you is set in stone, and you’re out of here, I’m just curious about one more thing?  Why did you tell her friend at the club that she was sleeping around?!”

He replied, “I didn’t.  I was trying to help her relationship.  I told him that there is no infidelity with Kentucky…wha wha wha wha wha.”.

The others interjected and stated that Ireland was lying.  They re-confirmed that Kentucky was telling the truth and that Ireland had said those malicious lies.  Ireland said that he didn’t.  He said that her friend may have gotten the word infidelity and fidelity mixed up.

"Ok…so you say you used the word fidelity and not infidelity.  Well let’s just assume that there was a confusion about that.  So how in (HADES) did the guy come to say to her that there are 7 guys coming to my house to sleep with her!???  Was there some confusion in that language!  How???!"

Kentucky said that he not only said it, but she had to show her friend my  website at, to show him that there is a “NO HANKY PANKY RULE!  Again, he couldn’t explain it to any satisfactory level….or ANY level at that.

I continued, “You have some real nerve.   Here is a person  (Kentucky) who’s been really nice to you but several have heard you talk about her behind her back.  In fact, when you was eating that pasta and Canada commented about the smell and you talked about it?  THAT PISSED ME OFF!  Here you are talking about the very person who did nothing but be nice to you!”.  

Ireland kept asking what did ‘they’ say and who was it that heard him.  I can’t remember at this point the points of the conversation but it got to the point that I heard enough. So without further a do, I instructed everybody to leave.

"Now everybody GET OUT!" I yelled.

Nobody moved.


And so it was, Canada and Ireland left, leaving me, Kentucky and Flint to review what just happened.  

I could tell Kentucky was hurt.  She really was trying to help him.  She said that because she’s a mother and since she’s not with her kids, she thought of him in the sense that he’s somebody’s child and she wanted to help but it was getting to be to much.  I reminded her that if he was a kid, that’s one thing.  But this is a grown ace man with a pack a day cig habit!  He ain’t no kid!  When she discovered that he talked about her behind her back, i think that hurted her most.  For that i wanted to punch him in his face.

So after i told them all to get out, Kentucky, Flint and myself continued to talk about him.  


We think he was ease dropping.  Flint stated that she didn’t hear his footsteps go downstairs.  But i didn’t care!

"I wanted to come back and talk because i know you are talking about me.  I wanted to add to my defense", he said while leaning toward the edge of the chimney wall.

Boy! the King Kong Balls on this guy! 

"OF COARSE, we’re talking about you!  That’s what we do.  We are girls, we gossip and yes…you are the subject of this conversation!  But go ahead, I’m curious as to what you could possibly say in your defense! So you have the floor!"

"Well I just want to say….wha wha wha wha wha’…..there it go again.

"Look …ok…. let me stop you right there.  Just answer this question!  Did you steal the money?" I asked.


"Did you steal any food?", I asked.

"No…well…that depends on your definition?" he replied.

Before he could finish, I replied, “did you take without permission?!”

"No..well…if that’s the definition, i guess i did!" he answered.  

I continued, “Everybody here is on a budget.  That’s why they are here.  For you to take advantage of somebody when you don’t skip a smoke, you prey on a mother with kids, you are worse than anybody in my book.  At ANY TIME did you say to yourself, ‘hey self, why don’t i give Kentucky some money towards the food I’m SHARING!” 

NOOOOO you didn’t!

"In hindsight I should have" he replied.

"IN HINDSIGHT?  You need HINDSIGHT to give money to somebody you been ‘sharing’/stealing food from for over 2 months?  REALLY??? Ok….then feel free to give her some money!" I replied while pointing her way, "show how much you appreciate sharing her food!"

But he couldn’t and didn’t.

"You know what’s really low?  You talked about her behind her back when she wasn’t around.  That’s what pissed me off before the money stolen!  The fact that you have the audacity to eat her food and talk about the food too?  or when other people were in the kitchen and you were talking about Kentucky!  When somebody is helping you, YOU NEVER SAY ONE BAD WORD ABOUT THAT PERSON!" I yelled out.

"What did i say?!  Who was there?  I can’t respond if i don’t know what was said.  They could have taken it the wrong way!" he replied.

"I’m not going to go into what was said but whatever it was, it wasn’t good.  It definitely COULDN’T be taken the wrong way if they both, after hearing you talk, walked away from the conversation with a really bad feeling that you don’t think much of Kentucky!  If somebody was feeding me everyday, and somebody else came to talk to me about her,  there would be nooo way in the world that there was a misunderstanding in the conversation.  Everyone would have walked out knowing that she was my favorite person in the world!"  

"What?  are you talking about the cunt remark?" he asked.

WTH!  I nearly fell out.  I couldn’t believe it!  Did he put his own foot in his mouth?  A bad case of ACE to MOUTH DISEASE?

"OMG!  I feel like i’m in a Saturday night live skit.  NOOO that’s not what i was referring to!  You called Kentucky the C word?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" I yelled.

He walked in a circle knowing he put his foot in his mouth!  ”Now you’re putting words in my mouth!” he replied.   No….you just put your foot in your mouth!

Finally he goes downstairs.  He’s sulking.  I even told the others, I know he stole the money and now everybody else know it to.  

Oh, I found out later that three days ago he tells the other guests that I’m a born again Witness who had sex everyday with different people and that i never traveled.  Those pictures are Google pictures.   REALLY?  Then he asked Kentucky, later, why is it that I’m letting North Carolina come back and not him?  



Ghetto Girl - I’M GOING TO RIP HIM A NEW ONE! - Part 1

It was a beautiful afternoon. 

Just got thru watching a stupid movie with the new girl from Flint, Michigan who extended her stay after 2 nights.  She’s so sarcastic and funny, you couldn’t help but like her. 

Saturday night, Kentucky had invited everyone to go to the Excaliber (now known as the Castle).  She had secured free entry since she knew somebody there.  They were even going to get free parking and drinks if everybody showed up in time together. It didn’t happen…but that’s another story.  Flint girl took them in her car and some met up there later. I love it when the kids look out for each other to get free stuff.

So they arrive at the Castle and put their coat and personal things in the locker.  Then the key to the locker was handed over to Flint.   This was Saturday night.

Now let’s  fast forward to Sunday afternoon. 

I hear bits and pieces of what happen that night…but not the full story since everyone was still kinda out cold.   By Sunday night, Flint and I had spent all night talking and watching dumb movies until 5 a.m. Monday morning WITHOUT alcohol, while i was learning to do Havana twist braids in my hair and eating North Carolina’s brownies.  Before passing out, she tells me some things that bothered her about Ireland at the club that she picked up on immediately.  He was a user.  

3:37 p.m. Monday Afternoon

I awake. Flint is still knocked out cold in front of me on the air mattress.   Quietly I answer a few emails.  I thought briefly of the possibility of going to the gym earlier than my time with Mississippi before she come home from work and then go back with her.  Its been a good week without any drinking…although my sugar intake has replaced my need for liquor.  But that’s ok.

4:02 p.m. Monday Afternoon

I go downstairs and notice that Ireland is making himself a nice hefty place of leftover pasta and 2 pieces of toast. Canada says to him, ‘that smells good’. His reply, ‘Smells good but taste like…..”.  By the sound of what I caught, and his demeanor, I thought instantly… bastard!  I never wanted to stick my fist down somebody throat until he choked until that very moment.  Ok…maybe I did have this feeling before….but it’s been at least 2 weeks ago!

The reason?  For the last month or so, he’s been eating Kentucky’s food.  She’s the mother of two and works here in the city temporarily.   He hadn’t contributed one dime toward her food but kept going into her stuff.  I told her constantly to tell him no, but she kept feeling sorry for him but still didn’t like that he’s taking advantage.  I told her that until she does confront him, I’m not going to do anything, only unless she say something to him. 

She had made that pasta, the night before.


Kentucky finally told him that she can’t afford to keep feeding him and would like for him to stop eating her stuff.  It got to the point that I told her, ‘if you won’t speak up when he eats your stuff, I can’t help you.  But what I will do is that you put your food on my shelf and I dare him to touch it.’ 

So she did.  He couldn’t find her food on her shelf and went into the food on MY shelf.  I immediately sent him an email telling him, “don’t touch anything on that shelf.  That’s off limits.”

His reply, “Oh god, I feel like an idiot. I thought they were the eggs myself and Amber were sharing.  Ill talk to Amber tomorrow and figure it out. I thought that she had just put them back on your fridge although I didn’t know why.”

REALLY?  Such a liar!  She wasn’t sharing crap you with you!

I knew she told him.  That was the plan.

A few days later, she makes chicken breast wrapped in bacon…3½ pieces.  She told him, he can have one when it’s done because the chicken was going to go bad if she didn’t cook it.  She even offered me one.  I wasn’t present in the kitchen when it came out of the oven.  In fact, I was suppose to get the small piece to taste.  

When I came downstairs later, I saw him eating good size plate with the remaining of the ‘public’ potatoes and she was in the kitchen with a small piece of chicken.  The rest was gone out of the dish. 

I’m looking for my piece of chicken and before I could get it out of my mouth to say where its at, I hear the following words: “Kentucky, I can’t eat the rest of this, do you want this piece of chicken that’s left?” 

I looked at her.  I wanted to beat her and him!  I wanted to beat her because everybody knows that weak women makes me nauseous….but she’s a sweet girl.  She’s been helping these ‘a holes’ (him and the titty pinching girl) to get money from the surveys that paid their rent!  So I had to taper my anger. 

So I asked her, ‘did you give him all that chicken?”

She said, “No, when it was done, he took the 3 big pieces and left me the small chicken.  I didn’t even know until I came in here and saw the small piece left.”


I couldn’t believe the ordacity that this boy. But there was’t nothing that I could do since she didn’t say anything to him.   I wanted her to confront him! I want these kids to stand up for themselves.  My thing is if you can’t speak up when you are at home, this its going to be harder for you on the outside.  

However, that didn’t stop me from wanting to beat his ACE!


After reviewing the past days/weeks into my mind, and hearing his remarks about her food, I can’t say on this family show, what i wanted to do to him.  And I hadn’t even had a drink.

As I am writing this, I’m really and truly think how fortunate he is that I hadn’t had a drink.   It would have been an utter disaster.  At the point that I saw him put that fork in his mouth, my eyes glazed and images of that fork coming thru his noise was to much for me to handle….sober.  So I went upstairs.  ’Never beat a child in anger?’….yeah, uh huh.  My last 4 crazy guests couldn’t draw up what i was feeling with this one.   The reason is because he was a sneaky bastard.  The others were ‘out there’.  You could see what was coming.  But he was sneak and a thief.  I HATE BOTH!  There is nothing worse….well yes there is but that’s time for another story.  My Top 5 all things to hate is a thief or men who prey on women.  

Men who only benefit themselves even at the expense of those who are HELPING YOU! ….makes my skin crawl.  

I even stopped buying cereal and milk at the same time.  When the milk ran out, then I put out the cereal.  He would put water in their cereal or try to subtly remind me there is no milk.  And you’re telling me why?  BUY SOME!  When the cereal ran out, I would put out the milk.   

I wanted Kentucky to defend herself but i realized, she’s going to need some help from momma bear.  After all, she did tell him that once not to touch her food at my suggestion.  

However, seeing him eat that pasta did something raw inside me.

So i went upstairs, looked over to Flint while she was sleeping and sent Kentucky an email:

whats wrong with you?
You bought his food and smokes at the club, you loaned him money and bought him drinks? when he was clearly going to steal $30 from you from your locker? Now hes eating your pasta but had nerve to talk about it? I walked in on that one and from what i heard, its not the first time he talked about you behind your back.
You are an enabler.
If it wasn’t for the fact that he has 2 nights left, i woulld have kicked his ass out. But when he leaves, he’s getting deleted, him wanting to stay next year with his friend…good luck with that….aint gonna happen and i am going to rip one into him.  Do me a favor, don’t GIVE HIM MAKE nothin else because he’s really pissin me off now.

So Kentucky comes upstairs.  It’s dark now.  The sun has set.  Am I’m sitting under the lights of my computer glaring at her.  I couldn’t allow myself to feel sorry for her but i couldn’t allow his butt to keep using her.

"I need to talk to you," she asked.  I said, ‘you can talk.’  (in front of sleeping Flint).

So she starts to explain to me what happened at the club.  

"I only paid for his food because I actually thought he had money when we were going out.  I saw he had bought groceries and he had bought some cigarettes.  So i really thought he had money until we get to mcdonalds and he was asking me for money.  So i did buy him some food because he asked me on the spot…."

She explained the rest while leading up to what happened at the club.

"We all put our stuff in the locker and i put my money in behind Canada’s coat (which included part of your rent) and my money for the kids… in the locker.  When we went upstairs, Ireland went behind my back and asked Flint for the key to go downstairs to get his coat and she gave it to him without thinking.  But Canada was angry.  When he found out that she gave him the key, they ran down to him.  When he reached him, he saw Ireland with my money in his hand with my wallet."

Canada told me that by the time he got to him, Ireland had Kentuckys’ money in his hand with her wallet.  He asked him, ‘what are you doing?”  Ireland said, “Kentucky told me i can borrow $30”.  So Canada followed him back to Kentucky at the club and Ireland gives kentucky NOT $70 in change but $95.  

Ireland lied.

So while’s she relaying this story, she finalize the story by saying that she realized that she was missing a $100 from her wallet!  

I was already livid with just the pasta but now I’m about to rip a new one open in his behind.

At this point, I couldn’t take it.  I told her, go get him.  ”BRING HIM up here!”  She asked, ‘should i bring up Canada to?”  I said, “I don’t care!….you bring him up here!

Stay tune.


Ghetto Girl - Momma You Ran Over Bambi!

"Momma, I think you hit something!" cried the little boy. He jumps out of the car and I walk up casually behind him. "Momma, you hit Bambi!  I think Bambi’s dead!" he continues to cry out.  I take the little boys small head, turn him away from the gruesome discovery and cynically look at the dead dear.  Without tearing my eyes away from this thing thats blocking the road to my car, I reassure the boy, "honey, don’t cry.  Bambi just volunteered to be a speed bump.  This is what he does."  We get into the car and i drive over the carcass to make sure he don’t get up.    

Then I woke from this dream.  

Bambi had been here only 5 days and within that time, she managed to give a peep show of her boobs make $300 in a day from another guest, lose the money the next, fabricate several stories of her occupation, borrow $20 from several of guests, tall accusations of muggings, theft in the house, etc.  I managed to get her out of the house without incident but now she wants to come back to pick up 2 bags of grocery.

I get a text stating from Bambi that she wants to come and get the 2 bags of grocery she left at the house.  WHAT GROCERY?  The only thing that was left in the fridge from her shelf was a bag of carrots and a bag of celery!  What was she really trying to come for.  I wasn’t taking no chance.  So the following is the full conversation :


Just to let you know that there is nothing really in the fridge. There is only a bag of $1 salery and carrots. Being that you owe several guests money, I can’t let you in the house unless you are coming to pay them back. Is that your purpose for coming.  Germany says you owe about $15, Ireland…i can’t even say without confirmation, and Canada says you owe $20? How is this so? You just met them and they haven’t even been here more than a day…not to mention the phone you asked Kentucky to share on her account on day one. You cannot enter this house without my consent and I will instruct my guests not to let you in for fear you may be interested in obtainin more money. The only reason you can come here and enter this house is to pay them back the money you owe them that you borrowed. Do you understand?


First of all, I find it rather interesting that all of the sudden you are so concerned with what happens with your guests, considering the multiple times I approached you with concerns regarding my stay and the “I don’t know, I don’t care” attitude I received from you in reaction to those concerns, but that is just fine. You’re going to assume that I am returning to your house to get more money? Let’s not be ridiculous Nonya. If I were to return to your house it would be to collect the two bags of food (what hasnt been eaten by the other guests, like so much of my food and drink was) I left in the door of the back fridge, my unopened container of greek yogurt and my bathing supplies left in the downstairs shower room. I find that claim both unwarranted and insulting. Perhaps you should get both sides of the story before you make such accusatory remarks.  Canada, offered to lend me 20$ to get to work the other night because Kentucky had borrowed a significant amount of cash from me, which for reasons that are currently unknown to me has yet to be paid back. I was counting on that money to be able to get to work that night, Kentucky knew this. She has been giving me the runaround all week in regards to this money. Telling me her paycheck was late, that she was expecting it in the mail and it hadn’t come, all sorts of stories which I now realize were just a part of her con. Until I receive my first paycheck from work, I am on a very tight budget in regards to the amount of cash I have, which after the money that was stolen from me during my stay at your house and the foolish decision I made to lend Kentucky money is at 0. I take full responsibility for this. I have given Canada my phone number and instructed him to get the 20$ from Kentucky, and to call me if he has any in problems doing so. In regards to the 16$ I owe  Germany, for cigarettes which I asked him to purchase for me during his trip to Milwaukee, that debt has been cleared. I admit I should have taken precautions to ensure I would have the full amount of cash necessary to pay him for the favor I asked of him, but I wasn’t expecting to have money stolen from me and I was expecting to have the money I lent Kentucky returned to me, with that I had planned to pay that small debt. Instead, to rectify the situation I returned the packages of cigarettes to him which cleared that debt. In talking to Ireland about this situation, he expressed that Kentucky has felt me to be untrustworthy because apparently I lied about her saying I could stay in her bed, I am not going to argue this because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter and because it was said to me verbally with no witness so I cannot prove it to be true, regardless that is no reason for her to treat me the way she has. I am not quite sure what I have done to provoke those feelings beyond this whole “sleeping in the bed situation” and her lies to me span far larger than that. I bought us groceries which she promised to pay me back for, and hasn’t, cooked for her, offered to help her with exercise after she expressed concern about her alarming weight, taught her how to do her makeup at her request, as a matter of fact, the last encounter I had with her, I spent about an hour and a half doing her hair and half an hour doing her makeup because she was going out and asked me to help her look good for id photos she was taking at work. All this to say I was more than nice to her; I went out of my way to be her friend and in return I am having my name dragged thru dirt. Yes, I asked her to help me set up a phone plan after she had said she had done so for another guest because she has a discounted rate on her line with att. Perhaps I should not have done so, again, no excuse for the way I am being treated now. I explicitly told her not to do so if she felt uncomfortable to which she responded “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want too”. She had me meet her at att yesterday where I waited for her for almost 2 hours, not only did she not show up but she ignored my calls at text messages all day trying to figure out what happened to her. Initially I was concerned something bad had happened to her, and then I realized I was being naïve and that she had just gotten over on me. I can take this loss. What I can’t take is slanderous claims that I am this malicious person that I am not. I am at a very transitional period in my life, and I admit that I can be wrong in the way I do things. What I can’t do is let my name be dragged thru mud for no reason. I know in my heart that I do not deserve the way I am being treated in regards to all of this. I opened myself up to Kentucky because I thought we could be friends. As far as I can tell she simply doesn’t want to pay me back. She has yet to offer up any other explanation so that is the one I have come too. The last thing I want is to leave this whole situation unresolved. I have explicitly expressed that I am more than willing to come up with a resolve. Beyond that there isn’t much more that I can do.

oh, and I dont owe Ireland a red cent


ok. im not going to read your book right now. But they just told me that you owe each of them money. You know why i don’t have a concern about what came up missing in your mind is that you never came to me about the big money that Kentucky practically gave you or money stolen. The $300. She didn’t even have to give you any job to do but she did. If somebody i never met, put a one day job in my lap that paid me $300 and another job for $125, there would be no reason i would complain about anything…especially food provided to her. Also being that none of the guests like bird seeds (vegetables)…yeah…not to interested in your story about your green leaf gone missing. I couldn’t give away that food to them. You are the only one that had something gone missing out of all of everybody. You laid your stuff EVERYWHERE in the house and expect me to believe something was missing? Wasn’t buying it. You had a different story for what you do to everybody. And the icing on the cake for me is that you had no regards for my house. The first night you were here and were up all night with the guys and Kentucky…Did you not pull your tits out and rub them like 2 nickles in front of them in the living room and remaarked this is your body. I hate to believe the one that said you even carassed yourself in front of everybody.

Of coarse i wasn’t going to believe one word that came out of your mouth. Besides all of that….you owe each of them money. Why would the new guests lie. YOU OWE THEM MONEY plain and simple and you are not coming in this house unless you have the money to pay them.

So feel free to write your review cause i got one for any host to see as to not let your vulture behind in their door. You lucky i was being nice to drop you off. Didn’t go so well with the last guest who tried to play that crap here. I got 6 sisters for which i am the oldest…they did worst crap than you. You need to get your act together. That high pitch whiny voice may work for the guys….but it don’t work here. As my personal advice to you…have respect for yourself, have respect for other people home and perhaps somebody will take you seriously. If it wasn’t for your ‘friends’ here, i would have thrown you out on day one. So say, ‘thank you for your stay’ and keep it moving.

As for Kentucky owing you money. I’m sorry. I don’t see it even thru your explaination. The fact is, if the girl changes her mind about something its her perrogative. Bottom line, she put $300 in your lap. And the very next day, you’re asking me to borrow my money that Ireland paid me. I wanted to snap on Ireland for loaning my money in the first place from the $300 he loaned you. He had no right to give you MY money, not even for an hour. Whatever happened between you and them…thats your business. My reason for not wanting you to stay is based on you simply not respecting my house. your shoes in the house, your touching yourself in front of my guests, your burning pots EVERY TIME you cooked and cleaning up after you….like cleaning a 2 year old. DROVE ME NUTS. The money you owe Canada, Germany and Ireland is the icing on the cake. And by the way, they were like, ‘its ok’. They felt it was a lesson learned for the sneak preview.


Touching myself in front of people? Hahahahahhaha wow.. I know the situation you’re talking about, I was lying on the couch with Kentucky, Ireland and St. Louis Dean with my hand on my crotch and they thought I was touching myself.. Jokingly I said “it’s my body ill do what I want”. You’re right it is between me and them so you should keep your ignorant, uneducated assumptions and misconceptions to yourself. I tried to be the bigger person here by offering up explanations for my actions, and opened myself up to find a resolution. You’re obviously not interested in resolution more so slander. My advice to you is education so perhaps in the future you can articulate you’re feelings without simply nit picking on irrelevant situations.. If the way I was in your house was a problem, my leaving my stuff around etc, perhaps you should have made mention of that at the time instead of after the fact. Yes, I do leave my stuff everywhere, yes that is something I need to work on.. Sorry.. Grew up with maids.. Some habits are hard to break. Again, I don’t owe Ireland a penny, I cleared my debt with Germany and I have every intention of making sure Canada receives the 20$ he lent me. I am not refusing to pay my debts quit acting like I am. Sorry I’m not the monster you’re trying to make me out to be. If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know. I wish you luck, obviously you need it..

I should have gotten back into my friends car once I walked it and saw a toothless crazy person in front of me in the ghetto.. Lesson learned for sure. I’ve used air b n b plenty of times and never had any problem until now.. I don’t care if you believe me or not. You people are crazy. I have the closure I needed now. Thank you.

Oh, and about a girl changing her mind… I don’t care what she decided if someone lends you money you pay it back. I spent 100$ on food and gave her 20$ to go out with the Dutch lady, just because she gave me work doesn’t mean she has the right to cancel out what she owes me. Just like I have to pay my debts, the right thing to do would be for her to pay hers.

And my shoes in the house were clean, remember when I told you that and you looked at them and said ok? Alright then


1) I was refering to you popping your boobs out and rubbing them. As one person stated, I wish i didn’t see it. 2) You just verified what i said. 3) Funny…They all actually stated you owe them as of last night! 4) I never said you were a monster. I’m basically saying its good you didn’t meet the one in me. 5) I’m not your maid. Get some new friends. In my short observation of you, you don’t have any because if you did, you wouldn’t be renting a place….you would have been staying with your own. Not impressed. Learn to be a friend, and maybe the next time you will have one to stay with without paying.

So Goodbye. Have a nice life.

P.S…..I was right the moment I declined your stay. I should have stuck with it.


You’re right, I don’t have many friends in Chicago.. A place I have been for 2 weeks! You should have declined my stay you would have been doing me a huge favour. Again, you’re delusions are quite unfortunate. I offered an explanation to you out of respect for the fact that you let me stay at your house. I’m sorry if you feel I disrespected your house. That was never my intention. I’m not interested in back and fourth insults, there’s tons I could say about you too Annie.. The only reason I responded to you was to clear the air, but again it’s quite obvious that’s not what you want because I have again offered up many condolences and asked exactly what it is you would like of me to rectify the situation so that there is no bad blood in the river, but since that’s not of interest to you I can do no more. If you believe I damaged your pots and they need to be replaced, I am happy to do so. Like I said, I pay my debts.



“Please be advised, the views and opinions expressed in this story are those of Nonya and DO NOT reflect the official attitude of Sybil.    The story should not be utilized in real-world performance based on limited alcohol provided by Nonya in order to contain the true author Sybil from coming out.  The story SHOULD HAVE contained scenes that are disturbing, strong language and violence.  It should have been intended for mature audiences and not children!”

I’m going to try to keep this story as PG rated as possible.   But I posted the disclaimer above on behalf of Sybil (not Nonya). 

Happy Sybil?  Now let’s continue.

It was a warm late Friday afternoon that we…, Mississippi and Kentucky started on our Friday quest which is starting to become a ritual we now call ‘Junk Jay Fri Day’.    It’s the time when we scour the city for the finest junk food in all of Chicago.  We headed back to 11200 S. Michigan for again those home made Old Fashion Donuts. I thought we had made it in time to capture the long awaited monster size Apple Fritters or the Texas Donuts at 3 p.m.  But NOT.  Again we were told we had to come earlierrrr for that.  So we settled for the fresh baked chocolate and glaze…..a dozen please.  

We then headed over to 11700 S. Western for some popcorn that some rave that its better than Garretts Popcorn.  Yes…the cheese and caramel were off the chain.  Finally headed over to Dicolas Fish on 10100 S. Western for some frog legs and catfish.    The night seemed complete.  All I have to do now was take our happy behinds home and, re-watch yesterday’s fantastic episode of Scandal and await the arrival of my new guests (3 Germans, and a women from Holland).

It’s about 8 p.m. when the another guest from Germany, who arrived two days earlier, tell me a funny story.  He went to the Sears Tower and overheard a conversation from another 3 Germans that were standing in front of him in the line.  

The three germans were talking, asking each other,  ’what’s good to do in the city?’ He reply in German to them some place to go. 

They asked, ‘where are you from?’

 ”Germany”, he reply.

The group asked him, “Where are you staying?”   

He replies, ‘South of Chicago.” 

They ask, ‘Airbnb?” 

"Yes", he replies.

"Would the person be Nonya?", again they asked.

"YES!" he answers. 

The three German guests didn’t even check in yet! LOL and they met the new arrival at Sears Tower! SMALL WORLD!

I go outside to the backyard and see Argentina just having loads of fun burning more wood in the fire pit.  So I tell him, ‘this is a good day and I’m going to get us some beer later.  The real beer….no 211 or King Cobra’.   

The night is becoming very festive. 

I scurried down to the basement like a rat to cheese, to position myself on the sofa, happy, drinking a Hennekin and thinking the night don’t get any better than this. 

The german guys and girl arrived and now everyone one was pretty much in the kitchen just chatting away.  I take my leave because I want to start watching Scandal OVER uninterrupted. When the guy from Mississippi heard that I’m watching Scandal, he hurried down because he didn’t see the episode. 

What is better than watching a re-run?  It is watching with someone who haven’t seen it and seeing the shock on their face.  Awesome feeling.  It almost have the same feeling of watching for the first time. Lol

I go upstairs to get another beer.  I probably should have never done that.

Kentucky starts to ask about the Tahiti ‘Pervert’ guest.  She said that early that morning around 9 a.m., the Perv was on a tantrum.  He was screaming off the top of his lungs saying, 

“This house ain’t s***!  F** All yall.  …. Bunch of losers and yall ain’t worth the breath you breathe!”


I confirm the story with the other guests who heard him hollering and screaming….four of them.

Argentina was hesitant to say anything because he knew World War III with Sybil and Perv was like a mixed bowl of disaster…. like a nice hot pot of water for rice….’bring water to BOIL and then simmer’.  So Argentina, after having a relaxing 3 hours of wood burning time and now holding a Hennekin in his hand, begins to arch his back backwards and make a disturbing ‘arggghhhhh’ noise. 

“Nonya, I didn’t want to say anything.  But now that you know, I know what will happen. I hope that it doesn’t happen.  But if Sybil comes out, I have your back.  Arggghhh” says Argentina.

I started laughing.  I said, “Sybil is not coming.  I promise. Ok Ok…I wont say anything.  He’s (Perv) leaving Tuesday.”

Ok.  As promised, Sybil didn’t come out.  But I never said Hannibelle wouldn’t show up.  For those that don’t know, she’s Hannibal’s sister.  She’s a bit cold and truly unfeeling ….but she don’t eat meat.  

I tried not to say anything….for a good 30 minutes.  

I returned to the basement.  I tried to focus on the tv show ‘Scandal’.  But there was a scandal brewing right in this house.  Like the tv show, I couldn’t turn away.  I look to the right of me, and there it was… cell phone.  It was staring at me, but there was no sexy president on the other end.   I tried to look away.  It may have been a half hour before I picked up the phone to text the Tahiti Pervert.

“Did you go off on a rampage this morning at 9 a.m.  Why?”

10 minutes passed with no answer.

“????  I didn’t” he replied

“Yes you did.  Four different people heard you this morning.  You said, ‘F this house, F you all.  Yall some stupid MFs.  Yall don’t deserve to breathe the air. …  These are not your words?”

“LOL, no”

“I don’t find it funny. Especially when you are saying they don’t deserve to breathe.”

“I haven’t done a ducking thing!!!  (his real words) What are you talking about?  The only one was awake was Kentucky”, he replied.

“No.  Four people heard you screaming.  Why would they lie?” I asked.

“R U Serious?”, he replied.

“If you are not happy here, that’s ok.  Cause I want you to be happy.   But this screaming for no reason….I don’t know what you are smoking but you can’t keep that up here.  If you can’t keep it together, you are going to have to go.”

“I make more money than all of the whole house together?” he replied.

What?  What does money got to do with this? I wasn’t asking this broke-tail-crackhead who owe me money….I’m talking to you about your SCREAMNG! 

“Really?  Good then.  You won’t have no problem paying me my $65.  All I’m saying is if you want to stay untill Tuesday, you cannot be going off like that.  That’s bad for business.” I continued.

Now, the whole time, I’m trying to give him a chance.  Just keep quiet. Basically saying to him to keep it together or get out.

“Did I say I wouldn’t pay you?,” he replied. “Don’t question me! I can count! I’ll be gone Tuesday!”

“Are you yelling at me?  You ain’t staying here with that attitude.” I replied.  

“F what they say.  I don’t care. They are a bunch of losers.  I will be gone Tuesday before you even awake.”

“No. You are going tonight.”  I said.  I know he didn’t think he was going to tell me what I can’t do and demand he is staying untill Tuesday.  He ain’t paid crap and making demands?   REALLY?  He must have been really high. 

“I never told you I would have your money on Wednesday.  Are you drunk? I dealt with a lot of drunks and my 3rd uncle was a drunk. And you are one for sure.  Threaten me.  I paid my s***! ”So don’t f*** with me!”

NO HE DIDN”T! Did he curse at me?!! (You probably thought i was going to say something about the drunk remark.  ummm not necessary…that’s between me and my bottle.  No need for name callin…lol.  But you ain’t going to cuss at me!

He continues, “It’s you who have the problems, not me!  Believe that! I never made a outburst about a d*** thing!  Its all u.”.

Ok crackhead. I’m done with this text crap.

“I need you to call me if you are not afraid” I said.

“I’m not afraid of s***.  Especially u!”

Oh really?  You should be.

“I’m still waiting.  You gonna call or not?” I replied.

“LOL.  Give me a break.  I’ve got money.  Don’t need to call u. U r only a slum lord.  Well I got money. And believe me, I got your number.” he continued.

“You going to insult me and expect to stay here?  You calling me or not!”

“I’m not insulting.“…..ringggggg.

Finally…cause my fingers were starting to hurt. 

He starts slurring, cussing and rambling his words about how he got my money and he’s staying to Tuesday and he’s out of here.  In between all of that rampage….when I tried to talk he was like, ‘LET ME TALK!”

So I did.

“Are you finished?”, I replied as calm as a dead man six feet under.  I continued, “What is going to happen is this.  You will keep your money.  You will pack your bags.  And you are leaving tonight.  I don’t want you here.  You are not staying till Tuesday.  You will be leaving here tonight! Understand?”

“You throwing me out tonight!??” he replied

“Yes I am.  I will take you wherever you want to go but you are not staying here with that attitude”, I said, while calmly sipping my warm Hennekin.

You know what’s funny?  Normally I buy a small bottle of Vodka but I didn’t tonight for some reason. That saved his life.

“Hello. You still there?”I asked

“I’m here…. at the door!”

So I go to the door and let him in.  He’s raging while heading to the back bedroom.  He gets into the middle room and see Kentucky. He start pointing fingers at her….blaming her.  I told him to keep moving and get his stuff.  He’s still trying to confront those he think exposed him.  Argentina was trying to keep him calm but he wasn’t having it.  He starting cursing at them and calling them names.  Finally he goes to the room and start packing.  He slammed the door.


I went back, opened the door. “You are not going to slam my door. Keep this door open.”

He does it again.  After a moment, Argentina goes in there and try to talk to him.  I wanted to say, its no use. He’s on something.  Afterwards, Argentina comes out, and the Perv slam the door again.  

I open.

“You’re trying to assert your power with your no teeth!  You wouldn’t be saying nothing if I had paid you the money for the month!” he yells.

“You are right.  But we ain’t having that conversation, cause you didn’t pay me.”  I replied. He don’t know it would be a different conversation!  Him wanting his money back! 

“You all about the money.  You only care about the money.  They all losers!  Who lives in a hostel for a year!” he’s yellin over and over again.

“Ok.  If that what makes you feel good.  Yes, I’m about the money.  Now get your stuff and lets go.” I said.

“I make more money than all everybody in the house! Yall b****… a bunch of losers!”,  he yelling while the four new guests are just watching in astonishment.

“That’s great.  That mean you have money to get a hotel,” I reply.

So Ireland said he would come with me when I go with him.  But on the way out, Perv is being confrontational with him and was trying to fight him.  He just kept getting close to his face.  I, of coarse, went back to the kitchen because I forgot my  PHOENIX FORK rising from its ashes!   

For those who don’t remember the fork, feel free the blog where i’m about to take the Somonian out in the middle of the street with my fork before the cops halled his behind to jail.  

Somebody was going to get stabbed tonight.  I got ginsu, butcher, spikes knives and such but I prefer my ol’ faithful fork. 

By the time we go outside, it was clear, I’m not taking him nowhere.

“Since you have a bad attitude, I’m not taking you anywhere,” I said.

“YOU WEREN’T GOING TO TAKE ME ANYWAY!  YOU WERE JUST SAYING THAT TO GET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE! WHY DON’T YOU COME OUTSIDE THIS GATE (IRELAND)” he yelled.  He must have known that he getting stabbed inside the property line is self-defense.  That’s why he wanted Ireland to come outside the gate. 

“If you don’t leave, I’m calling the police.” I replied.  Say one more word fool!

He said one more words….and I did.

While he was pacing back and forth talkin trash, I asked Ireland to get my coat cause this was going to be a long night. After coming back, I sit down on the porch, taking in the view.   

I asked, “What is your problem Perv?”  Ireland says to me, “why are you asking him? It’s no use.”

I said to Ireland, “I’m just getting some details for my blog.”

“You know, there are a lot of things I tried to overlook with you. But you made it really hard.  You expect me to believe that after four people said these things that you’ve said,….I’m suppose to believe you because you say you didn’t.”

“I didn’t!”, he yelled.

“So I guess you didn’t send a picture of your penis to Kentucky?” I asked.

“NO! I didn’t send a picture!” he said but not convincingly.

“So that wasn’t your penis in the picture and that wasn’t your conversation of saying nasty things you wanted to do all over her face?” I continued.

“No”…he said even softer but still pissed.

You see, days earlier, Kentucky revealed to me a disturbing piece of text message threads he wanted to do to her.  Sending her pictures of his small penis as if it was suppose to impress her.  He made some threats later that if she had told, he do would do her bodily harm.  She didn’t tell me until later.

“So if I have proof of your picture of your penis that you didn’t send, and I’m suppose to believe that that’s not your penis because you say it isn’t….. But I’m also not suppose to believe that you didn’t scream at the top of your lungs this morning simply because you SAID YOU DIDN’T…oh and I’m suppose to believe that you didn’t say the threats about cutting someone’s throats or they don’t deserve to breathe?  Did you really think you were going to stay in this house even for another day? Really?  You know, the next time you make damaging remarks, be sure not to put it on text.”

"File it away! File it away!", he kept repeating sarcastically.

So he starts to call a taxi. 

“The cops will be here before the taxi does.  They can take you where you want to go.” I interrupted.

He starts walking down the street.  

I yell, “I’m not watching your stuff so you better not walk to far!” 

He sticks up the middle finger…. Lol….  and heads back.  He start to roll all his stuff to a neighbor’s house a couple of houses down.  He goes to the house where he just met the guy on his first night at the nearby lounge.  He was the guy that came to my house looking for a ‘Stephen’.  Stephen was one of three names he used and denied using.

In hine sight, the first night he came, Sybil blasting him out was correct.  He wasn’t a cop.  However, he was crazy.  Sybil got CRADAR antennas!  CRAZY RADAR!

Ireland asked me how I stayed calmed, “you never cursed or anything”.   I told him, ‘Emotions, whether it is love or hate is an emotion that you care.  At this point, there is no need for emotions.  I don’t care.”

What I wanted to say was, when I stabbed this fool with my fork, there will be no coming back. I don’t care and I need to void any feeling of delivering his body to a ‘sleep tank’.

After Perv left, the cops came and asked if he was on rocks.  I was like, “I don’t know!”.  Sounded like they were trying to see if he took some kind of drugs in my house. I told them that he came home taking crazy.  “I think he was on something when he came back”.  

When I went inside, the ‘kids’ were at the door.  

Nothing to see folks.  Momma’s going to take first watch at the door if he comes back.  Ireland volunteered to stay up all night as well.  LOL


Everybody Hide! ggHilton got BIG BUGS AND NAKED PEOPLE…..

EVERYBODY HIDE!  ggHilton GOT BIG BUGS, NAKED PEOPLE AND GUNS…oh wait……he’s talking about my place? LOL

Did those angry North koreans just lied on the review? LMBOOO!!!!!  I’m naming them North Korea because nothing that ugly came from South Korea!

I have to say, its the little things in life that makes laugh out loud.  The following review was made by 5 N. Korean guests from another website.  I guessed they were a little pissed because their were some hot guys from Brazil in the other room that would be sharing the SHARED room with them and may steal their ladyfolks! Now I made and always make special effort to separate the girls from the boys (especially girls from Asia and Muslim countries).  But these crackheads thought they were going to come up in here and have an orgy at $13 a night!  So when they came, 5 hours late after midnight (5 am) and doing the nosy thing instead of taking their butts to bed since they drove for 13 hours, they were a bit miffed that they couldn’t get their refund.  To me, they owed me $65 since I blocked the extra person without payment.  

I get a text, ‘you better give me my refund.  Remember me, I came Saturday?’

"No I don’t remember you".  What i remember is some slow bunnies coming Sunday MORNING when I missed my sleep signal!

After going back and forth on the text, North Korea said, “if you don’t give me my money, I make bad review of you”.  

You go ahead kimosabe….make bad review.  I make cookies.

"I’m looking forward to it", I replied.

So here is the review, 

"Never go to this house. The place of house is the most dangerous province in U.S. The house is really dirty and many big bugs. The smell is really bad and there are almost 10 naked people in a small room. Don’t believe the picture. I don’t know how many people stay there. There are many old rooms which I didn’t enter. And you never get a refund from Nonya. I saw people who came to me with a gun. Never go to this house. I am sure that your life is batter than cheap price. I log in Wimdu to notice this truth. Find the other site. It is the best way to enjoy your chicago trip."

Just couldn’t help but laugh.  I was like, ‘what movie did he watch to get that?”  Awwww shucks, he say that about every American home. lol

So I replied, and I have to admit, it’s hard to write a reply when you’re laughing to hard.

"I’m not going to resort to the outrageous lies that I couldn’t help but laugh at…bugs, guns? Naked people? Wow. Heck why don’t you throw in cowboys and indians, meth labs. Go big on the lie. (Go big or go home!) The truth they came late 5 hours late past midnight (5 a.m. in the morning), had me waiting alll night with their slow and bad driving. They were mad because they thought they would get the whole room to themselves to be with their sex toys and/or girlfriends. They didn’t read the first line in the paragraph that said this is a shared room. Once they came to the house, instead of just preparing to go to bed after a long drive, they started just poking around in the dark into every area they could ‘sneakingly’. So future host beware. It was so bad that i had to get up from where i was sleeping to ask them if they were lost. I didn’t know what they were looking for since they were a floor away from their room. I wasn’t sure if they were there to rob my place or what. But whatever the reasons, I felt so unsafe with them that I stayed up to make sure that I would inform the other guests in the house to keep their belongings close to them. There were 5 of them although they booked for 4. I guess when they discovered that there was really nothing to steal, they decided to leave within 30 minutes of their arrival. I thought to myself, IF they were on the road for 13 hours driving like they said they were, then why did they not seem tired? Why didn’t they just rest for the night? Why were they roaming thru the house in the a.m. instead of going from the bathroom to the room? And why did they leave in a haste. Very glad I had other guests in the house. But i don’t need them to protect me. After all, according to ‘Sung’s story, there are naked people and people with guns and big bugs in the house. LMBOOOO!"

Ahhhh mannn, you can’t make this stuff up.  Gotta love it.  


Ghetto Girl - I Slaved Alll Day for you for WHAT? hehe

Maybe because its Friday, I had to laugh at this titile! LMBO!

'keep it together nonya'….

I knew it was going to end on a sour note but i wasn’t sure how tonight would play out to tell you the truth.  As a professional scheduler of AIRBNB, I realize that when you have more than 3 people in a group that accepts your reservation in Englewood, there is an 85% chance it will be a cancellation.  The number goes up higher when there are more in the group simply because the true traveller finds the reviews and area exciting although the ‘fake’ friends question that person’s sanity when they step into the area.  But thats understandable.  Still you will pay costly for your mistake.

Well tonight was nothing special sorta.  

I already had 4 Brazillians and 1 guy from Sri Lankin check in a couple of days ago.  These countries to me were places where i thought…’they will stay simply because these countries are on the cray cray list too’.   But it was the guy from Sri Lankin who ask me, ‘is it safe? when i was taking them to the train.  Good thing I didn’t say what was on my mind like, ‘Here’s some tampads, grow a pair of balls’…or ‘its 5 of you, really?’ or…’You’re from Sri Lanka…rapist capital?’  Cause I kept remembering my friend in Italy who speaks Sri Lankin and says that the number one problem in that country is sexual assault.  

But nooooooo… I didn’t say that.  The only words I uttered was, ‘when you are in a city of millions of people, how safe do you think you will be?’  The Brazillians seemed to agree with me.  

Now shush boy and move on.

But thats NOT the reason for this blog.

South Korea.  

Now I’ve had MANY South Koreans stay here and i love them to death.  My sisters is in S. Korea and has been there 3 years.  I even tried to learn the language by taking a whole year of language classes twice a week.  So what I am about to say do not reflect the opinion of the Ghetto Girl Blog…#disclaimer

!!! These 5 south koreans sucked big time!!!

They booked four folks and asked later if they could add one more to the mix and pay that person when they get to the house.  I said no problem.  But I knew.  It was past my 3 person rule.  They will cancel.  But I still entertained their fantasy.

The night before, they emailed me and stated that they will be coming at 12 - 1 a.m.  I wasn’t sure if they are speaking based on american terminology or what.  So i asked, ‘1 past midnight?’ …’yes’, they replied.

No problem.  I re-arranged people since this weekend was going to be 20 plus folks with the Koreans. 

Midnight (Day of Arrival) - Still waiting to hear from guest Korea group.  No word.  

1 a.m. - No word

2 a.m. - Ok, now i’m thinking….really?  Its to late for you to cancel.  You’re driving from Arkansas and you should really be tired. Tell me something.  I spent alllll night moving folks around so that if I assumed that this group is all girls, then I don’t want them to be in the room with the 6 guys.   So I texted them, ‘When do you expect to arrive?  And how many girls and guys are you?’.

Normally I wouldn’t ask that question but Asia are a little more fundamental on the sexes sleeping in separate rooms and i respect that.  No hanky panky.   So i’m always looking to put 2 Asians of any kind in my bed or the King size bed instead of 2 air mattresses so that they would be more comfortable since there are other places for me to sleep. 

But then they replied, ‘we should be there around 3 a.m. and there are 3 girls 2 guys’. 

Ok.  So I situated all the guys to be in one room of the attic and the 3 girls to take MY BED and added an air mattress on the girls area.  I thought it was a good situation since if they told me earlier, I could have put them in the main floor.

I promise you that when they called to say that they were in front of my house (THE WRONG HOUSE AND THE WRONG BLOCK) which took another  40 minutes for them to drive 2 miles an hour for which i said, ‘GET BACK INTO YOUR CAR, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG BLOCK.”  They cut me off, and didn’t arrive until 4:15 am.

Now my thought when they got out of the car like molasseis was….you are trippin.  You are 4 hours WAY late, will be waking up other guests and you need to move your aces so i can go to bed!

But like snails, they crawled out of the car.

So I explained before they went upstairs so as not to disturbed everybody else, I explained where each will be sleeping…2 by the window (guys) and 3 (girls) on the other side of the chimney unless they want to split up and 2 girls can sleep in the lower bunk on the main floor.

They clearly had the look of ‘ok’….before we went upstairs.

Full speed ahead?  NOTTTT!  By the time I left the attic, I knew…like a pregnant women in labor in PUSH STAGE…I knew…this is going to be long night.  The Brazillians were still up since they had just got home an hour before them.  One of the Brazillian held out his hand to the Korean guy and the Korean guy had no reach.   Just looked at him.  

By the time I put my first foot on the step, heading back downstairs after explaining where to go and what to do, I looked back and yeah….there was that look.  It was that, ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE’ look from all 5 of them huddled in the small girlie chimney area.  

But i ignored it! heheeh  Like in a snow motion, I could see myself turning away laughing and saying to myself, ‘really?  its 4 in the morning and you don’t want to sleep first before doing the stupid thing like leaving??”

So I went to the living room with my remnant of Vodka and orange juice since i hadn’t had a drink in 3 days and its friday night.  I’m on the daybed peepin over the handle to see where these crackheads are coming down the staircase one at a time.

It’s 4:45 in the freakin morning and they are roaming thru the house like freakin cattle.  

I popped my head up over the couch arm and surprised one of them.  

I asked, ‘you need something’?”

 They were looking thru the house like they were in search of Ben Ladin.  I wanted to say, ‘they caught him!’  Startled, the guy was like, ‘no….just the bathroom!”   

I thougth…yeah right.  How can you mistake the toilet for anything else?

Then the next person and the next came downstairs.  


Go ahead and graze the land… i’m thinkin…. but you aint gettin your money back.  

So I take my last sip of orange juice with my Don King hair and go into the kitchen with the every ready colligen girl putting on her facial on the kitchen sink while Barbie #2 was in the bathroom.  

I tried to strike up a conversation, even raising the fact that my sisters in Korea.  And for the record, Koreans, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THAT NORTH KOREA IS OFF LIMITS SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAY SOUTH KOREA! LOL  As if we didn’t watch a day of news in our life.

Anyway, I retreated back to the living room area because i thought, “this is a lost cause to save them from losing $200!”

And there it was…the question from the guy….

"Nonya, I think we would like to cancel because these are girls…"


Ok..That statement right there was a red flag.  Normally, Asians will let me know UP FRONT that they are interested in being in a  all girls room and I will let them know up front that it will or will not be a co-ed room.  This group didn’t.  

In fact, I told the guy when he brought it up, I said, “You know, I understand Asian guests.  Truly.  I have a sister thats has been in S. Korea for the past 3 years.  When any Asian guest contact me, the first concern from the girls is ‘will there be any guys in the room’”.  

That’s when I can answer yes or no.

Continuing, I said, “But this group never mentioned none of that.  In fact, It was me that texted you after midnight to ask you how many girls and guys will be arriving? If I had known earlier (like when you booked), I would have moved folks around easily.  But you made no mention of this.  Do you understand what I am saying to you?’.

He nodded his head yes but his girlfriend was standing there so he tried to persist in the conversation.  I was laughing on the inside.  My thinking while he was nodding his head was, ‘you had no problem renting one room with your girlie friends when you thought it was you both guys with your three girl friends.  The american dream of ‘sex in the city’!  for $13 a night!  But now there is competiion!  Brazil! If you were so concerned with their ‘virginity’ you would have asked for separate rooms or even mentioned that there were girls involved BEFORE YOU CAME!!   SOO NOOOO REFUND TO YOU PERVERT!

Even though they knew that the  Brazilians were leaving in one night, this guy was not having it!

The whole time, I’m dying lauging on the inside.  

So I got sneaky too.  

There was one bed in the room available that they didn’t take.  I went in there to hide.  Because I knew they wanted to leave but like cowards, they would wait till i was sleep.  So i made it easy for them.  I left the room guarding the front door.

Like racoons scurring for food, they were out of here!  

I ACTUALLY thought it was only 1 person that left when i saw the light of the car from the side of the house from one of the bedrooms.  Literally, THEY DROVE LIKE SNAILS COMING TO THE HOUSE!  One car was trying to get around them and I thought for an instance, that car will shoot them if they don’t move their aces.  

But from the moment i went into that room, took 2 sips of my drink and saw the lights in the window….I thought…theres NO WAY THEY ALL MOVED THAT FAST with alll their bags to downstairs.  I heard fast footsteps but NO DRAGGING BAGS OR ANYTHING!  

In disbelief, I went upstairs and sure enough….all the bags were gone and the beds were not touch.

Never let it be said that Koreans don’t have skills cause I didn’t see that one coming.  I laughed a good while when i saw the car gone.   The reason I said I ‘slaved’ all day was that I washed and mored so much laundry for the 3 girls just to be in one spot that i was like, ‘you don’t appreciate me?’ LOL  Putting a condom over blankets (duvet) is no easy task! heheheeh  Butttt I guess when you have a one day payoff as that, I can’t complain….huh?